A Complete Guide for First-Time Cat Owners

Whether you have always had cats as a younger adult and child and you are finally in a financial position whereby you can introduce a cat into your own family home, or you are indeed looking to adopt a cat for the very first time, then you have come to the right place.

Here, for your information and to help plan for your new furry arrival, is a complete guide for first-time cat owners.

Experiment with Different Litter Trays

Training your kitten or older cat to go to the toilet in specific areas of your home, usually the kitchen and near the back door can be tricky. It is, therefore, important to experiment with different sizes and styles of litter trays.

Furthermore, there are plenty of different brand and styles of litter which is poured into the tray, and if you find that your new cat is reluctant to go to the toilet on one type of litter, it may well be that you simply need to replace it with a new brand or type.

Take Your Cat to the Vet Straight Away

Whether you have rescued your new cat from a reputable animal shelter or indeed have conducted thorough research into a responsible cat breeder, you will be provided with paperwork surrounding the details of your cat.

It may well be that your cat has no known health issues or concerns whatsoever, but even so, you should still book an appointment with a prestigious and established vet to have a complete and thorough check-up, just to be sure.

High-Quality Cat Food

Even though chain, high-street pet stores can be useful if you find yourself on the way to work and realize you have run out of cat food or other necessary feline provisions, as a rule, most of the cat food and treats you will find there are not particularly healthy or good for your cat.

Instead, you should always keep a good selection of different types and flavours of high-quality cat food at home and make sure that you have a mixture of wet and dry food too. If you are unsure as to what food is best for your cat, you should contact a reputable and respected vet, such as Easy Vet.

An Entertaining Indoor Environment

Just like with any animal, bird, or even reptile you bring inside your home and love as your own child, your cat needs a plethora of different toys and other forms of entertainment to ensure their happiness and contentment.

Brightly colored toys are always the best option, as too are toys with a small amount of catnip inside to encourage curiosity.

Invest in a Couple of Cat Scratching Posts!

Finally, much more than an entertaining way to watch your cat interact with their environment, cat scratching posts are one of the most important additions to your home as a cat owner.

There are many reasons why cats need to scratch, and it is far better to provide them with scratching-specific items around the home than them using your furniture as an alternative.