Choose the best toy for your cat

The cat toy actively stimulates his intelligence and hunter instincts. It is vital for the kitten and cat to be active throughout their lives. Mouse for cat , toy distributor, cat ball , etc. To stay on top, the WOPET maintains the ideal weight for your cat. Protein, fiber, facilitate the intestinal transit and elimination of hairballs.

Toy and cat activity

Whatever your age, your cat feels a real need to be distracted. From his youngest age, from 9 weeks he already spends more than an hour a day playing, running, jumping … it’s his way of learning. Your cat needs stimulation to stay active and healthy. There is a large selection of attractive cat toys.

Your cat needs 16 hours of sleep interspersed with periods of play and meals. Your cat appreciates your presence, share his games, he will show you his affection. Give him a cat tree so he can perch, watch his territory. A cat tree with scratching post, so your couch, carpet and furniture will be protected against its natural need to exert its claws. See more here: Prevent your cat from scratching

Prepare him a small bed for cozy cat, he loves to snuggle into a cocoon of softness and tenderness after his activities.

Cat toy

A bored cat is depressed, becomes bulimic and obese. This boredom can make the cat aggressive and no longer clean. An apartment cat therefore needs activities, various games to stimulate daily. The cat toy meets his needs to distract him, make him more active and make him feel perfectly happy.

It’s good for his morale and health:

Plush for cats

  • Toy distributor
  • Toy for kitten
  • Fishing rod
  • Mouse for cat
  • Cat ball …

Cat activity

To break the monotony of its days, the cat tunnel is a place of exploration, a corridor of play. The cat tunnel is at the same time a place of entertainment and nap.

Cat game

Cat play is essential in the cat’s life. The game for cat allows him to exercise his cat skills, his dexterity and develop his huntsman instincts. A cat player is a happy cat.

Laser for cat

A cat laser is an attractive game to stimulate its liveliness. The cat laser emits a light beam that moves on all types of surfaces. He puts his speed to the test, always ready to pounce on the spot of light. The beam of the cat laser intrigues him, he absolutely wants to seize it where you project it.

The operation of the cat laser is very simple since it involves projecting a light ray of color on a surface. The beam is very little divergent, that is to say, it remains thin over a very long distance (unlike the beam of a flashlight), and very intense, which makes it all its specificity. The principle of the game is to wave and wander the laser light on the ground or on the walls to engage your little animal to catch it. With exception, all cats love this type of game, also pledge laughter for the masters!