The Best CBD Oil For Cats: What it Offers

Most pet-owners don’t mind going the extra mile for their pets and that is why they look for products that can ensure that their pets can have a more stress-free existence. The best CBD oil for cats can be a boon for cat-owners in many ways. Here’s a look at why this oil is so talked about for in pet-owner circles.

What it is

CBD oil is a product of cannabis. The plant cannabis has more than 100 compounds but the one that is used most frequently in medicinal world is CBD. This is different from TCH, the compound that is known for the psychoactive reactions it causes. That is the reason why users of CBD will not get ‘’high’’. Instead, they will enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant in the safest way possible.

It is safe for cats

Being uncomfortable with giving a cat containing a cannabis compound is normal. Most pet-owners think this way before they understand the benefits that the product has to offer. Studies have shown that giving CBD oil to cats can be generally safe. The bigger issue is to determine the correct dosage and administer the correct dosage every time it is used. Accidentally overdosing is not a good idea and that is why a vet should be consulted before giving a pet this product.

It is good for cats suffering from epileptic seizures

If a cat has the condition and gets attacked by seizures often, it is a good idea to administer CBD oil regularly. Studies have shown that it is helpful in preventing seizures and can result in calmness in pets, which is always a good thing.

It boosts appetite

When a pet refuses to eat or is reducing body weight because of a loss of appetite, it may point to something more serious. However, CBD oil can be useful in this regard as it has been found to boost the appetite. This is true for human beings too; it causes an increase in appetite.

Reduction in anxiety

Anxiety in pets is something long-time pet owners don’t have to be told about. Anxiety can be really troublesome because cats cannot be taken anywhere, many will refuse to get into a car and they will absolutely won’t want to enter an airplane. This can be really problematic for pet-owners who are shifting from one city to another and can cause serious issues with logistics. Administering CBD oil to such pets has been found to be tremendously effective. It calms them down and causes a reduction in anxiety and stress.

The best CBD oil for cats is one that does not contain a lot of TCH. It is important to buy from a reliable source online. A product that is organic and has been manufactured with the strictest quality standards is the best choice for pets. Doing a little bit of research before placing an order is also a step in the right direction.