How to Find a Trust-Worthy House Sitter

You need a house sitter when you are planning to leave your home for days, weeks, or even months. This can be a scary task for every homeowner, leaving the home to a stranger. This makes it more crucial to choose the right house sitter to trust your home with. It’s necessary for you to be picky. You can find good options online from sites like Happy House Sitters.

Establish the kind of services you need

House sitters are known to provide various services, which may include watering the plants, walking, bathing, and feeding pets, collecting the mail, and others. It helps you choose the right sitter when you know your needs while you are gone.

Set your budget

Think about how much you want to pay and what you are planning to offer the sitter. If it is only for an overnight job, you may find a sitter in exchange for free lodging. But if you are away for a prolonged period and you need additional services, you certainly have to pay the house sitter. The average rate in the US ranges from $15 to $50.

Decide between an overnight or daytime sitter

You can hire a daytime sitter when you just want someone to check on the house once daily, but if you are away for a prolonged period and need a house sitter to do recurring tasks like feeding the pets and watering the plants, you will benefit more from an overnight house sitter.

Set up an interview with your potential sitter

Whether you choose an acquaintance or a friend or hire someone from a site like Happy House Sitters, it would be best to schedule an interview with your potential house sitter. When the sitter is a local, invite him or her to your home so you may see the sitter in person. You may also opt to do a video chat with the potential sitter.

Prepare the questions to ask during the interview

Spend some time to think about the qualities of the sitter you like to hire. Prepare the interview questions and figure out if there are any deal breakers. When you prepare well, it’s easier for you to get to the heart of what you want to find out. If you have a partner or a roomie, it’s crucial for you to be on the same page. Decide how long the interview must take and if you want it structured.

Let the potential sitter go through some scenarios

Let the potential sitter go through some possible scenarios for you to know what he or she prioritizes. Examples include what to do when the toilet bowl overflows or a pipe bursts. You may also ask them what they must do in case they break something in the house.

You may also ask if they have additional services to offer based on the scenarios.