Tips for grooming your dogs at home

Do you have a pet dog at home?

Do you like it groomed and in good shape? Everyone does, and we all have to make some serious efforts in keeping our dogs looking nice all the time. They need to get their hair cut, nails trimmed, and fur brushed, or else they start looking like wild dogs.

But to all of us, the task of grooming the dogs is something pretty difficult. Thanks to the salon and mobile pet services, you can quickly get your dog groomed in the hands of professionals today. Some experts are well trained to groom your dogs, and they get the job done very nicely.

However, since grooming is a normal process, one can find it difficult to extract time to book appointments with the professionals while doing the job at home themselves. For this, many people try to groom their dogs at home, and this they do by their self-learned tips. However, if you want to groom your dog like a pro, you need suggestions from the pro, and here they are for you.

  1. Do not hide the tools from the dog; let him see them while they are around him, so he gets used to them and does not freak out when you bring them out.
  2. Smile at your pet and stroke him with the grooming tools so that he gets familiar with them. Also, communicate with them while you are stroking, telling them how clever they are and promising rewards.
  3. There are different dog coats for each dog, and knowing the type of skin of your dog, then buying the tools according to that coat is required for a perfected groomed pet.
  4. It would be wise to use the dog’s lead and collar while working on their hair because it will define a path for your dog, and he would know that it is now time to sit and get the job done.
  5. Now when your dog is sitting like you wanted him to, reward and appreciate him. This will make him feel good and would bring better results too.
  6. Knots and debris are bound to get tangled in the dog coat, so ensure that you are regularly grooming your dog. Grooming the dog once every week is advisable for not getting into too much trouble. The more frequent the grooming sessions are, the better would the hair be.
  7. Whether your dog has a short coat or long, always make a part and then start brushing outwards because this way, the hair would be combed.
  8. If there are strict knots, you can use the cornflour on the knot, brush out only the knot, and then move on to other parts.
  9. Once you have shampooed and conditioned the hair, make sure that you have brushed and dried till the roots because the wet roots are bound to get more knots than others.