Tips to care leopard geckos

Exotic pets have not stopped being requested all over the world, one of them is the leopard gecko, an animal that due to its particular design is attractive to more than one. Today we will know a little about this reptile and what special care it should receive according to

The leopard gecko whose scientific name is Eublepharis macularius, is a lizard from the Middle East, quite common in semi-desert areas. The largest gecko can measure up to 24 centimeters, and if you look closely at the photograph you will notice that its tail takes many of those centimeters.

The body of the leopard gecko is robust and long, its head is pointed, the skin is smooth and full of scales. This animal has more activity during the night, but everything starts when the sun is falling from the afternoon hours.

To have a leopard gecko as a pet you must have a terrarium whose size depends on the size of the animal. If you plan to have more than one gecko then the terrarium should be double dimension with 70x40x50 ideal measurements. On the floor of the terrarium you must leave stones, cave forms to hide during the day if you wish, some branches to climb and of course always try to have fresh and clean water.

This exotic pet needs calcium: It is not recommended to place sand or gravel since it can eat them, in any case it is best to use coconut fiber or peat but without additives or festilizers, the most natural is best for lizards.

About the temperature of the terrarium; try that during the day it stays between 26 and 29ºC, during the night they can be worth 22ºC. The same control must be carried out of the humidity being the best that the terrarium goes from 20 to 40%, inside the shelter the humidity can be between 60 to 70%, when the skin changes the leopard gecko needs a measure between 70 and 80%.

In terms of feeding: the gecko has a diet of live insects that you can get without problems, so we have: cockroaches, crickets, zophobas, tenebrio larvae, etc. You can also feed your pet sometimes with ripe fruit but chopped so you can eat without problem, anyway ask the specialist pet store or veterinarian.