What Time Is Appropriate to Put Your Pet Down?

Pet parents fear euthanasia, but unfortunately there comes a time when they have to consider it seriously. Just the thought of putting their pet to a final sleep [death] is excruciating. You feel guilty, but it is normal. Making a decision is hard for the cat or dog parent and family.

The decision makes you miserable but in some situations, it is a humane choice. Your veterinarian will give expert and non-judgmental advice. Zen Dog Veterinary Care offers at home pet euthanasia NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, and Long Island. Pet owners can even request communal cremation services.

What is the right time to put a pet down?

There is no completely wrong or right answer, but the right time depends on several factors like –

  • Pets quality life
  • Pet owner’s quality of life
  • Pet has specific health issues

Things to consider while taking a hard decision

Terminal disease

Humane euthanasia is the right decision when the cat or dog has a terminal disease like cancer, heart failure, or some incurable health issue. The vet will instruct you on how to manage the illness but ask tough questions like –

  • Will it compromise your pet’s life quality even if its life is extended?

Remember, incurable disease means health consistently declines, so it is logical to offer your beloved pet the last gift of peaceful passing away.

Immobility and chronic pain

Large dogs develop osteoarthritis, which is progressive joint degeneration. The condition is painful and immobilizes the pet. It finds hard to stand, walk get up, and climb stairs. Even if the dog is healthy in mind and body, osteoarthritis is a distressing condition.

Pet parents wait longer because they cannot identify the pain intensity. If your pet is handling pain and mobility issues and is not responding to treatment, then discuss this with the vet. Perhaps, it is time to talk about end-of-life humanely.

Behavioral or untreatable aggression

Dogs and cats develop behavioral disorders despite their parent’s best efforts. It puts everyone’s life – you, your family, other people, and animals at risk. A vet can recommend humane euthanasia for human health and safety reasons. It is not logical to put down a pet due to a behavioral disorder but sometimes when the aggression is untreatable it is the right decision but emotionally demanding.

Less good days and more bad days

A simple way to determine whether to put down your cat or dog is to assess if the pet is enjoying more good or bad days. In case you find that the pet is down but still feels happy then it is not the time. However, if your pet has lost appetite and the zest to live or they don’t enjoy things they adored before then it is time to call Zen Dog Veterinary care for pet euthanasia at home Westchester NY.

Children will feel upset because it can be their first run into death. Discuss it with them and involve them in decision-making. Make them understand the reason and how the humane euthanasia concept works.