What to get for your new cat

Hooray! You are getting a cat. That is going to be so much fun. Cats are well known for being the cutest animals in the house, and real cuddly buddies. But a cat also requires some preparation. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything you need, to make the cat feel home and safe. But how do you know what necessities to purchase, when you have never had a cat before? No worries. Pet stores like Vetsend are here to help you. With the help of an online professional store, you are certain that nothing will be forgotten. You’ll have everything you need to welcome your new little friend. And to get you started, we have listen three of the most important categories down below.

Cat food and treats

We can’t make a list and forget about the food, now can we? There obviously needs to be food in the house. But seeing all the different foods available in the pet stores, can be a little daunting. Which one do you choose? No worries. Take a good look at the packaging, and check the nutritional benefits. And just choose what looks and feels good to you. You’re still trying things out, and your cat will eventually show you what he/she likes and what he/she doesn’t like. The same thing goes for the treats. Choose treats that look and sound good to you. With nutritional benefits and ingredients like fish, chicken and veal you can never go wrong.

Cat toys and games

You might think, really? Are toys that important? But yes. Your cat will need time to get used to you and the new house. Toys will give them a sense of security and home. That means that your cat will develop a stronger connection to you, if you play with it. Please do not bother purchasing a million toys up front. Instead it’s better to try out some different toys. Think of a little ball, a teaser wand or stuffable toys. You can always expand the toy collection later.

Scratching posts

A scratch post is unforgetable. Every cat needs one. A scratching post serves many purposes. Cats scratch their nails to keep them sharp and shiny, and the scratching post is also good for stretching the muscles. This might reduce the risk of joint problems in the future. Also, cats have the natural instinct to scratch from time to time. And if there is no scratch post in your house, your furniture might be the victim instead. Enough reasons to immediately purchase a scratch post, I’d think.